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Cats, Not Kids

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opinions, thoughts & feelings about not having kids and/or having cats.
This is a community for those who find the thought of having children undesirable. The name "catsnotkids" (aside from having a hidden "snot" in the name) is meant to be more of an attitude than something set in stone. Cats just seem to fit the analogy best, because they are fairly self-sufficient pets. Owning a cat isn't a requirement to join, but it helps. :)

Please feel free to post your thoughts, opinions, and feelings about your decision not to have children, and/or why owning a cat (or other pet) is preferable. We feel that children are NOT hell-spawn, we just don't want any of our own because of the freedoms it allows us to have. We are not critical of other people who decide to have children, as long as they accept and follow up on their parental responsibilities. Posts reflecting on poor parenting you see in the world around you are allowed, but please respect the opinions of other community members.

PLEASE post pictures!! Everyone loves to see a little kitty cuteness every now and then. But please put them behind a cut. Some people have a lot of friends on their friends page and it would be appreciated if the pics are behind a cut.

USER ABUSE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Discussion and debates are allowed, flaming and other hurtful comments will be removed. This includes posts or pictures of offensive or hurtful things being done or things people would like to do to children.

In other words, if you want to see and laugh at doctored pictures of babies on barbecue grills, please go elsewhere.

I am going to leave the above statement there. Because it is true. If someone wants to post about de-clawing a cat, so be it. That is their choice, whether some of you like it or not. If they want to gently spank their cat on the bum for misbehaving, that's fine. There is however, a line drawn between spanking your kitty on the bum, and kicking it in the face for no reason. Or any other type of abuse done to cats. Comments or posts about abusing a cat will not be allowed. I will give you one warning and that is it! You will be kicked out of the community.

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