Jackie (wickedwisdom) wrote in catsnotkids,
  • Mood: cranky

Clingy Cat

my cat is clingy.

as in, she will follow me or come and find me if i'm out of her sight for "too" long. if i leave her in the living room when i'm going to the bathroom, if i'm not back out in XX seconds, she come wait for me until i come and sit down again.

i'm certain its separation anxiety. she was my former roommates's cat. he gave her to me. then after 18 months, we move in together. he's back and then he's gone again.

that would fuck with a human's head, let alone a cat.

any advice?

[edit] i just want my cat to be ok. it sounds like the rest of you have clingy kitties as well. so i guess there's nothing i should worry about. i just thought she was acting a little strange.
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